‘Steel Rain 2’ Character Poster Released… Enthusiasm promotion begins

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

The movie ‘Steel Rain 2: Summit’ (director Yang Woo-suk) began to prepare for the scramble.

On the 16th, Lotte Entertainment released a poster for a four-person character with a strong aura of ‘Steel Rain 2’. Against the backdrop of landmarks and representative submarines of two Koreas, it draws attention with dramatic figures of people with different beliefs surrounding the ‘Korean Peninsula’.

The character poster of South Korea’s President Han Kyung-jae (Jung Woo-sung) shines with a cold glance at the front while holding his hands on his chin, from the summit meeting gathered for the peace agreement until after being trapped in a narrow captain’s room in the nuclear submarine. It captures the complex inner side of the President of the Republic of Korea, who is eager to persuade North Korean leaders and to stop the impending war.

Kwak Do-won’s character poster, acting as the co-host of the North Korean advisor, is a glimpse of the North Korean hardship’s steel-like convictions against denuclearization and North American diplomatic relations and peace regimes. Against the backdrop of North Korea’s tallest building, ‘Ryukyung Hotel’, Kwak Do-won, with his sharp eyes, gives an overwhelming sense of immersion through his strong belief that his choice is not a coup against the regime but a “revolution” for the country and people. Will do.

‘North Chairman’ The character poster of Cho Sunsa (Yoo Yeon-seok) is overwhelmed by the unprecedented visual that broke the North Korean chairman’s stereotype. In response to the opposition of the hard line, it adds expectations for the unusual transformation of Yoo Yeon-seok, who completed the North Korean leader’s worries and internal conflicts with delicate expression and human details for the first time in North America. Lastly, Angus Macfadyen, who played the US president’s smooth, reveals his presence with a furious expression, just like a self-talking character without hiding his temper even in the official statue. The’White House’ will be added to this, and in any situation, it will revive the play through itself and the United States as the center of the world.

During the South-North America summit, ‘Steel Rain 2’, which depicts a crisis situation just before the war after three leaders were kidnapped in the North Korean nuclear submarine, will open on the 29th.


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