Youngtak “Jang Min-ho is the director of a beauty salon, Lm Young-woong is the victor, Lee Chan-won is the grandfather”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Singer Yeong-tak left a character review of ‘Trot’s Three Persons’ Jang Min-ho, Lim Young-woong and Lee Chan-won.

On the 16th, TBS FM’ Choi Il-gu’s Hurricane Radio’ was featured in a live broadcast studio by three young people, Lim Young-woong, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Min-ho, as the’special feature of the listening rate survey period’.

Youngtak, who is appearing in the ‘Hurricane Radio’ and ‘Music Spot’ corners, welcomed the three hurricane accompanying appearances through ‘Voice Message’ and delivered a character review.

About Jang Min-ho, the eldest member, Youngtak said, “When you go to a beauty salon, Jang Min-ho has a warm feeling like a director who listens to your concerns when you talk about such problems.” “Lim Young-woong is a man with a temperamental temperament,” Youngtak said about Lim Young-woong. Lastly, about his younger brother, Lee Chan-won, he said, “There are people who eat age upside down, and sometimes they are like grandfathers, but they are brothers who will keep and keep a lot of things.”

Lastly, Youngtak said, “But where am I (without starring in Hurricane)? Laughed and made a laugh.

So Jang Min-ho said, “Why are you out of here?” I responded. Following this, Lee Chan-won laughed with the words, “I never thought of Youngtak’s handsome when shooting Mr. Trot, but recently I think’I’m handsome’ whenever I see it.”

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