‘A House with wheels’ Yeo Jin-gu, Hongeo Samhap eating, Kim Hee-won “Jin-gu must be older than me”

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Yeo Jin-gu, ‘A house with wheels’, showed off the taste of an elders who was not born in 1997.

In the tvN entertainment program ‘A house with wheels’, aired on the 16th, the figures of Seong Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, Yeo Jin-gu, and guest Lee Seong-kyung, who visited Gochang, were depicted.

On this day, the three brothers and Lee Seong-kyung prepared a redfish samhap, dongjuk ramen, and eel as a dinner menu down on the day of health maintenance foods. The youngest Yeo Jin-gu was particularly interested in the redfish samhap. Yeo Jin-gu showed off a storm ink before it ended, saying, “I think this is a redfish nose, but I have never eaten it.

After seeing this, Sung-Dong Il was surprised to say, “Isn’t it easy for a child to eat redfish well?” Kim Hee-Won said, “Jin-gu must be older than me. Tell me honestly. How old are you?”

When Yeo Jin-gu replied, “I am actually 79 years old,” Kim Hee-won corrected, “42 years old is younger than me. I have to make 62 or 52 years.”

Previously, Yeo Jin-gu showed a taste of steamed adults that did not match his age, from the first meal at the’wheeled house’ to the start of Seonji Haejangguk, including the 6-year-old, octopus sashimi, saury burger, and redfish samhap.


Photo| tvN broadcast screen capture

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