‘Curltwo Show’ Choi Jung-won “If you can’t go to New York with Covid-19? “Broadway 42′ avenue!”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

‘Curltwo Show’ Choi Jeong-won, Bae Hae-sun, and Jeon Soo-kyung strongly recommended the musical ‘Broadway 42nd Street’.

On the afternoon of the 17th, SBS Power FM ‘ 2 o’ clock Escape Curl To Show’ (hereinafter referred to as Curl To Show) appeared as a guest as a musical DJ Choi Jung-won, Bae Hae-sun, and Jeon Soo-kyung as a special DJ.

On this day, Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Three people are appearing on the musical ‘Broadway 42nd Street’, but please give me some publicity.” Choi Jeong-won showed confidence with “I don’t need to do so,” and laughed.

Subsequently, Jeon Soo-kyung expressed his pride, “Even if you don’t know the musical, this show will make your mind flash. The dance, clothes, and lighting are so cool. The tap dance catches your eye. You can say that all the actors are shiny and shiny.”

Choi Jeong-won also said, “Our musical is the most musical in Korea, and all the actors use two Mike Wireless. The equipment is really good and the gorgeous set feels as if they are on Broadway. You can soothe the unfortunate heart that you can’t get on Broadway 42nd Street.”

Bae Hae-sun said, “We are also preparing a mask for those who didn’t bring a mask” for those who are worried about COVID-19. I think that the mind is too identical in a situation similar to the current Corona.”

Meanwhile, Choi Jung-won, Bae Hae-sun, and Jeon Soo-kyung are representatives of musicals and are currently appearing on the musical ‘Broadway 42nd Street’.


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