‘Father’s color’ Kim Ji-hyun X Lee Sang-min X Chae Rina, Lula members still look like siblings

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‘Father’s color’ Kim Ji-hyun, Lee Sang-min and Chae Rina, show Lula’s unchanging friendship.

On Channel A, which is broadcast on the 19th, the appearance of Kim Ji-hyun and her husband who met Lula member Lee Sang-min and Chae Rina.

In order to support his wife, Kim Ji-hyun, who has been broadcasting with Lula members for a long time, Hong Sung-deok acted as a daily manager. Kim Ji-hyun, who saw Hong Seong-deok, who prepared a weapon for the spleen, who can be seen as a manager of Kim Ji-hyun, said, I was ashamed of being embarrassed.”

Beginner manager Hong Seong-deok sighed Kim Ji-Hyun with her full face, unlike his passion. Hong Seong-deok, who saw managers of actresses’ drilled a hole in the lid of a drink and put a straw in it, went out to drill the lid for his wife Kim Ji-hyun. However, instead of success, Hong Seong-deok borrowed the power of the tools brought by Kim Ji-hyun to save his face.

After that, manager Hong Seong-deok’s mistakes continued. After preparing, Kim Ji-hyun and Hong Seong-deok arrived at the recording studio. However, to Hong Seong-deok, who wandered to find a place to park while not finding a way, Kim Ji-hyun eventually said, “What can I do because the manager cannot find the way?” In addition, Hong Seong-deok prepared something for MCs to not know that Kim Ji-hyun would appear before the recording started! However, the people who discovered the object were embarrassed by Hong Seong-deok, knowing that he was the manager of Kim Ji-hyun at a time.

Kim Ji-hyun and Lula Sang-min finally meet Chae Rina. The three people I met in a long time showed a different reality brother and sister. 3!4! which is fashionable these days! Three people talking about the game, ‘3!4!’. The game is a game that requires you to shout ‘Three Four’ at the correct timing after listening to the previous week of Lula’s popular song 3!4!, and the Lula members showed tremendous confidence saying, “I can really fit well.” However, when the game started, Kim Ji-hyun and Lee Sang-min, who couldn’t even speak well, showed her unstoppable saying, “It’s really funny that the singers who sang this song aren’t doing this.”

Also, the members of Lula thought about each other sincerely. Leader Lee Sang-min, worried about Kim Ji-hyun, who is troubled by his child, by saying, “Isn’t the baby yet?” It is said that Kim Ji-hyun revealed that she intends to challenge pregnancy until next year, and that she has shown a strong relationship with Lula.

You can check out the legend group Lula’s completeness on Sunday, 19th at 8:20 pm on Channel A ‘Father’s Color’.


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