‘Fun-staurant’ Oh Yoon-ah, shoot some photoes with her son, Min for significant talent donation’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

‘A new story when it comes to newcoming’ Oh Yoon-ah and Min started shooting a photo shoot.

On the 17th, KBS2’s ‘Fun-staurant’ will continue the 12th menu confrontation with the theme of ‘Korean seaweed’. Among them, ‘Home meal Queen’  Oh Yoon-ah proceeds to take a photo shoot with her son, Min, who has a son’s developmental disability. It is expected that the good influence of Oh Yoon-ah and her son will make the viewer happy.

In the previous broadcast, Oh Yoon-ah and her son Min challenged to take a photo shoot for a magazine to help the low-income class. At that time, the beautiful appearance of Oh Yoon-ah’s dazzling appearance and her son Min’s unusually handed vitamin drink for her mother were revealed and gave warmth. Accordingly, many viewers are interested in what the pictorial shooting with Min will look like.

Among these, the photo cut taken by Oh Yoon-ah and Min had been released and attracts attention. Min, who has transformed into a completely hairstyle, smiles similar to that of Oh Yoon-ah and her son, and posed that make the model cheek, rob her.

Min, who appeared in the expectations of everyone on this day, seemed to be somewhat nervous about the eyes of many people who are experiencing for the first time. When Min’s tension did not go away, Oh Yoon-ah, a mother who knew Min’s heart better than anyone else, went out and waited while playing Min’s favorite prank. It is a message that Min captured the hearts of all the staff on the pictorial shooting site with a bright smile, as if in return to the efforts of her mother, while watching everyone watch her smile. In particular, it is said that Mini’s natural pose, which resembles a model mother, made her feel good.

After finishing the photo shoot, Oh Yoon-ah said, “I couldn’t even imagine. This is because Min thought that it would be difficult for people to have a lot of people. After doing this, I think that my son will like it more if you look at it later. Thank you for making good memories.”

The photo shoot was accompanied by the mother Oh Yoon-ah and her son Min. On the 17th, the scene of donation of hats by Oh Yoon-ah, who is giving good influence through the’Stop Restaurant’, will be revealed at the ‘Fun-staurant’ broadcast on 9:40 pm.


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