‘Junghee’ SF9, frank talk burst #English name #Home shopping appearance #Duet formation (Comprehensive)

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Boy group SF9 Insung, Huiyoung, Jaeyun, and Chanhee boasted witty talks.

The group SF9 Insung, Jaeyun, Huiyoung, and Chanhee appeared on MBC FM4U’s ‘Junghee Song Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Junghee’) broadcast on the 17th.

On that day, Kim Shin-young greeted, “Introducing the comeback group SF9 with a long song title.” Insung said, “I am Insung, who loves Jung-hee,” and Jaeyun said, “I am Jaeyun, who is appeared for the first time to be here.” Huiyoung said, “I’m Huiyoung who brought the scent of summer”.

Kim Shin-young asked, “Isn’t Jaeyun a Busan man? I’ve heard that he is good at dialects. Show me cool.” To this, Jaeyun made the fans thrill by saying, “I’ll do it shortly.” “Hey, girl, I really like you, but can I stay by my side?”

In addition, Kim Shin-young asked SF9 members, “It’s a global age. Do you have an English name?” SF9 members introduced their English name. “I’m Taeri,” said Inseong. Then he joked, “So I like Italy. I have Italian towels at home.” Huiyoung said, “I am Liam Kei. I loved Oasis…” and Chanhee said, “My English name is Peter. It’s the first release here. I liked Spider-Man when I was young.” Jaeyun said, “I’m Elon. It’s a real name.” Insung sensibly accepted, “Can I work?”

SF9 also announced the plan, saying, “I am planning to appear on home shopping.” “I have to monitor a lot. It’s awesome. It’s the best. I can’t say these words,” Kim Shin-young said. “I’ve appeared in celebrity five and sold padding.” Inseong said, “Please let me know your know-how,” but Kim Shin-young said, “There is no know-how.”

In addition, Kim Shin-young praised, “Hui-young’s body got better without knowing it.” Hwiyoung said, “I’m doing a lot of exercise these days,” and Kim Shin-young said, “I also need to exercise. I can see my body feel better at once.” Inseong, who was listening to this, replied that Shin-Young Kim’s thigh is very attractive, but Kim Shin-young jokingly said, “I need to exercise, Sung-ah…”

“I have a lot to say about this album,” Kim Shin-young said. “Are there any memorable songs or songs written by yourself?” Chan-hee said, “I have a song I wrote myself. I wrote my part in ‘My Story, My Song’.”‘This is a painful heart and the most killing point.’ Subsequently, Jaeyun also explained, “I made the concept of’Star’ in’Following the Star,’ and the phrase’Let’s Pick the Star’ came out.”

It is fashionable to have ‘Bukkae’ in recent broadcasters. Kim Shin-young, the second aunt Kim Da-bi, had a wealth of luck, and Chan-hee said, “I want to go to a rough character. Kim Shin-young “(Busan dialect) How about being rough. Chanhee says it’s a soft image, so it seems okay.”

In addition, Kim Shin-young said, “Who do you want to do with a duet when you receive a shampoo ad?” Insung said, “I want to do it with Hui-young. This friend chews the camera.” Huiyoung, who heard this, prankly refused, “Can I refuse?” Insung said, “I will make the contract advantageous. Please.”

In response to Kim Shin-young’s question of who would you like to be with, Hui-young said, “But I’m friends with Chan-hee, so I want to do it together.” Jaeyun seemed relieved and said, “I almost didn’t get a vote.”

As the last question, Kim Shin-young asked, “Who is the member who has grown the most since his debut?” Hui-young praised, “I personally re-type. I can’t stop developing and continue. I am more consistent than anyone else. I work hard to sing and exercise.” Jaeyun expressed his gratitude by saying, “I’ve heard it for the first time in 5 years. I don’t really do it. Kim Shin-young praised Inseong and said, “I compliment you so hard without getting tired until 4 am.”

SF9 ended up saying, “I will appear next time and have fun again. Thank you so much for inviting me today. I will be more active in the future, SF9.”

Meanwhile, SF9 released the mini album ‘9loryUS’ on the 9th.


Photo| MBC visible radio capture

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