Last night with a gorgeous dinner of ‘Three times four meals’…”SECHSKIES 23rd Anniversary Celebration”

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‘Three times four meals’ Sekskis Eun Jiwon, Lee Jaejin, Kim Jaedeok, and Jang Suwon celebrate the last night with a past dinner.

On tvN, broadcasted at 10:50 pm on the 17th, the first episode of self-sufficiency ultra-fast camping life, Three times four meals (directed by Na Young-seok, Shin Hyo-jeong), 9 episodes of Dak Nara’s commitment implementation project , Lee Jaejin, Kim Jaedeok, and Jang Suwon’s last night unfolds.

On this day’s broadcast, the members said, “It’s Western food in Jeongseon.” As a meal on the last night of the camp, the rich and luxurious menus with different classes from the past have been anticipated and gathered to the expectation. Can be confirmed. In addition, a surprise mini-game is held with a snack. We will add a little fun with a mini-game that has not appeared in ‘Three times four meals’.

In the full version released through the YouTube channel ‘Channel fifteen’ after the broadcast, the process for picking up the dinner menu will be revealed. Going to a game showdown with PD Na Young-suk for a gorgeous final supper. This game requires a unique spirit of cooperation with a modified kick, and four people must play with one heart. In the difficult game than expected, members continued to walk from shoes to various personal belongings in order to get a chance to rematch. The process and results of the game can be seen in the 9th full version released today.

tvN ‘The Dharma Pledge Implementation Project’, the first self-sufficient ultra-high-speed camp life Three times four meals, is an entertainment program that shows the process of eating three meals three times a year after the debut’s 23rd anniversary, and is aired every Friday at 10:50 pm. After the 5 minute broadcast, you can watch the full version through YouTube ‘Channel fifteen’.

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