One-point lesson on acting as a foul guider for ‘Let’s kick the ball together’ Who’s the leading role in South Korea’s ‘Song Gang-ho’?

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‘What do you think of FC’ starts acting training?

On the 19th (Sunday), JTBC’s ‘Let’s kick the ball together’ will feature a one-point acting lesson by director Ahn Jeong-hwan, who deceives the referee and viewers. Falling soon, the eyes of legends are shining more than ever in advanced skill training that will be used wildly in the skill contest.

On the day of the recording, Kim Sung-Joo points to one of the hidden helpers of ‘Somehow FC’ selected by the production team and the relay team.

The legend, who was named as a hidden helper, was realizing the injured act with a Hollywood-like action, a realistic expression, and a voice that added detail, making him incredibly foul. Director Ahn Jeong-hwan said that he thought he was really sick in the beginning, and he wondered who he would be.

In particular, on the decisive reason why the acting of this legend goes to the referee every time, Kim Yong-man analyzes that “continues the judgment and sentiment,” making the left-handed laugh. This legend, which emerged as ‘Song Gang-ho of the football world’, gave a heated lecture by throwing out the know-how of “If you hit it, take the power out of your legs”, and show yourself a demonstration.

In response, Ahn Jeong-hwan, a leading figure in the World Cup semi-finals, held a one-point lesson with many experiences, and poured out know-how that was not revealed anywhere. The retired legend striker, Ahn Jeong-hwan’s improbable action even after looking at him are shouting with thumbs.

After being coached by Ahn Jeong-hwan, the legends that started the acting practice leading to a full-fledged foul show their own action acting without losing their body. Among them, Kim Yo-han was praised by Ahn Jeong-hwan for saying, “You just have to do this”, and Lee Dae-hoon earned scores with details on his legs, and showed that he showed off his’golden youngest’ down skills.

You can see who can get Ahn Jeong-hwan’s OK cut, and who will be the legend called’Song Kang-ho of the football world’ at JTBC’s ‘Let’s kick the ball together’ at 9 p.m. this Sunday (19th).
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