‘Pabang’ is a word registered on dictionary… Seong Dong-il in ‘Running Man’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

The word ‘Pabang’ reappeared in the real-time search term.

Recently, actor Seong Dong-il appeared in ‘Running Man’, and the scene mentioned was re-illuminated.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’ broadcasted in August of last year, the first match game was held. A game that says a word that starts with’ㅃ’, and in that game, Seong Dong-il called the word ‘Pabang’ as the correct answer, as it was registered on dictionary”

Ji Seok-jin asked, “Isn’t Pabang in advance,” and the production team suggested, “If you tell the meaning, I will admit it as the correct answer.”

Surprisingly, the word ‘Pabang’ is clearly indicated in the Korean National Institute of Korean Language. The noun form ‘Pabang’ means ‘car’ in the words of a child, and the adjective ‘Pabang’ means rich or influential enough to reach others. It is also used to mean stronger or stronger than normal. It also means that they are voluptuous and elastic.


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