‘We play 2′ Ha Seong-woon, make-up of seals + acting incredible…’Previous cuteness’ explosion

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‘Wooplay 2’ Ha Seong-woon completely extinguishes the makeup of the seal, releasing the cuteness of the past.

On the third episode of NQQ ‘We Play Season 2’, which will be broadcast on the 18th, a game of ‘Animal Puppet Show Theater’ will be held in which the members of the Marine Boys group transform into various animals to deceive the zookeeper.

On this day’s broadcast, the storm activity of the three youngest lines of ‘We Play Season 2’, which fully digested seals, monkeys and tigers, will stand out. According to PD Kim Joo-hyung, who directed ‘We Play Season 2’, it is the back door that Jung Hyeok’s jump ability and unexpected surprise using big mouth (?) aroused admiration throughout the game.

In particular, Ha Seong-woon of ‘Valid Chick’ boasted a face as an official ace of ‘We Play 2’ by perfectly digesting ‘Human Seal’ with gray-tone seal makeup and incredible smoke.

The (new) youngest JR will also completely transform into a ‘baby tiger brother’ with the youngest of the (old) youngest Ha Seong-woon, and the visual youngest line’s lovely express charm will capture the hearts of viewers at once.

It is expected that Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Haha, Jeong Hyuk, Ha Seong-woon, JR and Hwang Je-seong, the king of seagull, will be in a bizarre confrontation with 6-person, 6-color charms with the bosses of’The Artist of the Spirit’.

‘We Play Season 2’will be aired on NQQ and SBS F!L every Saturday at 7:45 PM, SKY and SBS MTV every Sunday at 7:45 PM.


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