‘Cho Woo-jong’s FM march’ SF9 Chanhee “Summer scent? I think of the smell of trees.”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Chanhee of SF9, ‘Cho Woo-jong’s FM march’ revealed his first impression on music broadcasting.

SF9 Joo-ho, Chanhee and Young-bin appeared as guest on KBS Cool FM ‘Cho Woo-jong’s FM march’ broadcast on the 17th.

DJ Cho Woo-jong asked what came to mind when he smelled summer. SF9 Young-bin said, “I remember what the fantasy (fans) told me: it was called mosquito repellent. So I remember it.”

SF9 Chanhee said, “The smell of trees comes to mind. “When I go to the forest, the smell that comes out comes to my mind as a summer scent.”

SF9 Joo-ho said, “Isn’t it raining a lot in the rainy season? So the smell of rain comes to mind. Speaking of good fragrance, Hwachae comes to mind. I really like Hwachae.”

SF9 recently released a new album, ‘9loryUS’. She is working on the title song ‘Summer Breeze’. ‘Let summer scent dance me’ is a song of the house genre with a free summer mood.


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