SBS ranked first in 2049 viewership in the first half of 2020…’ topped for 5 consecutive years’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Even in the first half of 2020, SBS confirmed the No. 1 rating in 2049, and there was no change in competition among viewers. It has been the fifth consecutive year since 2016 since SBS ranked first in the 2049 viewing rate in major time zones.

According to the results of 2049 viewer ratings in the first half of each channel (January to June) analyzed by the ratings survey agency Nielsen Korea, SBS ranked first with 2.48% (based on the metropolitan area). SBS is the only channel that recorded 2% ratings in the first half of the year, followed by MBC at 1.90%, KBS2 and tvN at 1.77% and 1.55%, respectively, ranking third and fourth.

Looking at the top 30 programs in the first half of 2049 viewership ratings, SBS has listed the top 10 programs, 6 tvN, 4 KBS and MBC, and 3 JTBC and TV Chosun respectively.

The SBS programs included in the TOP30 include’Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 2′, ‘Stoveleague’, ‘Hyena’, ‘My Little Old Boy,’ ‘The King: Lord of Eternity’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Good Casting’, ‘ There are a total of 10 restaurants, ‘Alley Restaurant’, ‘Jungle’s Law’ and ‘Part of the Butler’.

The reason why SBS was able to take the lead in the 2049 audience competition in the first half of 2020 was the propaganda of the drama. SBS, which took two drama slots from Dramas since December of last year, started a home run with a high rating of 2049 viewership ratings 7.5% and household viewership ratings 19% since the beginning of January. The ‘nobody knows’ and’good casting’ that were also attracted the popularity of viewers.

Among dramas, airred on every Friday and Saturday, ‘Stoveleague’ also recorded an audience rating of 7.1% and an audience rating of 15.2% in 2049. In addition, it recorded an explosive topic and played the role of a pair of viewers with ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 2’at the beginning of the year. Since then, ‘Hyena’ and’The King: Lord of Eternity’, which have been broadcast since, also maintained high rankings in audience rating and topicality, and gained the beauty of Yujong.

In addition, ‘Running Man’ and ‘Jungle’s Law’ led the ‘My ugly Little Boy’, who is in charge of Sunday night, and showed the power of unchanging entertainment by leading #1 at the same time,’Alley Restaurant’ and ‘Deacon’ The back was also very popular with viewers. In addition, on Fridays leading to ‘Curious Story Y’and’I want to know that’, they supported the ratings by branding with luxury culture blocks.

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