“After the marriage, he is changed” “Dong Sang Imong 2” Song Chang-eui’s wife revealed the reality of the “Korean Sweet Man”?

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Actor Song Chang-eui and Oh Ji-young join the ‘Dong Sang Imong 2’.

On the 20th, SBS entertainment program ‘Dong Sang Imong 2-You Are My Destiny’ (hereinafter ‘Dong Sang Imong 2’), the surreal marriage of Song Chang-eui and Oh Ji-young, who joined as a new ‘fate couple,’ is revealed.

Song Chang-eui, who has established himself as a ‘national sweet man’ by crossing dramas, movies and musicals, unveiled her 5th year of marriage for the first time in the recent recording of ‘Dong Sang IMong 2’.

Song Chang-eui’s shaved face, without scratching her hips, showed a totally different with his appearance on dramas, where he looked like a good-looking and gentle guy, and his wife, Oh Ji-young directly said, “My husband is changed after marriage.”

Afterwards, Oh Ji-young confessed the couple’s differences, saying that their characters, tastes and everything are totally different. Then she added, “How did we get married?” and MCs expressed surprise at the appearance of a couple in the past, saying, “We met so different people” and “It’s a very unusual character.”

In addition, Song Chang-eui showed a check when his wife started watching a drama featuring actor Park Seo-joon. Park Seo-joon’s ‘big fan’, wife Oh Ji-young, couldn’t hide her warm smile while watching the drama. In response, Song Chang-eui expressed jealousy, saying, “She doesn’t love my dramas unlike Park Seo-joon’s dramas.”

Song Chang-eui, who showed love for her cute jealousy, suddenly confessed to her, “I suffered postpartum depression,” and embarrassed his wife. His wife also began to talk about the regrets she hadn’t been able to speak to, and even in the middle of the conversation, anger exploded and even reached out to Song Chang-eui.

It is said that MCs were surprised when they said “I hated to see the real thing.” Whether Song Chang-ui will sign the memorandum or the commotion of the memorandum, which devastated the studio, will be revealed at’Dongsang Lee Mong 2’broadcast on the 20th at 10:20 pm.

On the other hand, ‘Dongsang Imong 2’ is a ‘3rd Anniversary Homecoming Special’, and it is visiting viewers at 10:20 pm earlier than before.


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