‘Freud’s Last Session’ Lee Sang-yoon, first stage decoration at the Korean premiere “I feel like a challenge every moment”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

The play ‘Freud’s Last Session’, which premiered in Korea on the 10th, successfully completed a week-long preview performance amidst the praise of the audience and critics, and will begin the show from the 21st of tomorrow.

The drama ‘Last Session’, starring Shin Gu, Nam Myung-ryul, Lee Seok-jun, and Lee Sang-yoon, recorded a 101% occupancy rate on the first day of the opening, raising the curtain of the Korean premiere with great success and predicting the birth of a masterpiece that will bring new vitality to the theater world. This work, first introduced to Korean audiences, meets ‘Sigmund Freud’ and ‘C.S. Lewis’ directly on September 3, 1939, when the British declared war on Germany and entered World War II. It is a two-person drama based on the imagination of arguing about existence.

Both Freud and Lewis, who have never met in history, present an intense meeting moment for about 90 minutes on the stage through this work: Freud, called the touchstone of 20th century atheism, and representative Christian dialect, Lewis. He goes from asking God, pouring out intense and witty arguments about life’s meaning, death, and human desire and suffering. However, the discussion of difficult discourses does not mean that the work is heavy and serious. Freud’s wit, who left behind studies on’Louis’ and’Jokes’, who usually enjoyed ‘humor’, induces laughter and arouses the atmosphere.

Audiences who watched the performance were “full of only two people” (interpark booker csy***), “excitement in the debate of the best minds!” (Interpark pre-order minuk***), “The logic and wit are good, but the play becomes more thought after the end” (Interpark pre-order eg***), “A play that gives an intellectual shock to the whole family” (Interpark pre-order dr24** *), “It wasn’t heavy, but heavily impressed” (Interpark Advance 7ch***), and praised the actors who poured a lot of energy and massive metabolism throughout the performance.

In this performance, actor Nam Myung-ryul, who played the role of ‘Freud’, expressed his feelings about the opening of the Korean premiere, saying, “It was a happy opening with a feast of psychology and theology.” I met the work I feel. I hope you enjoy it together,” he said.

In particular, the actor Lee Sang-yoon, who set a formal challenge on the theater stage with this work, successfully staged his first debut in Korea with the new and old role of ‘Freud’ on the 10th. “Every day is a continuation of learning and every moment is a challenge. From now on, it seems to be the real beginning,” he said.

Above all, the actor Shin Gu, who was surprised by losing 7kg for the role that he had before the opening, also said, “I sincerely thank the audience who visited the theater in difficult times. I will do my best to the end,” he said.

At the same time as the opening of the premiere, the drama ‘Freud’s Last Session’, which foreshadows the birth of a masterpiece theater, can be seen in the 3rd stage of Yes 24 Stage at Daehakro until September 13 (Sun.). Offers 40% discount.


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