Han Ji-eun of ‘Kkondae Intern’ “Three Years Blank, Increased Thirst and Despair for Acting” [Photoshoot]

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The pictorial that actress Han Ji-eun and bnt met was released.

He recently finished MBC ‘Kkondae Intern’ and walks freely and looks back on herself. If you go to a restaurant during the day, you will find out a lot. “Every time I do, I am very glad and thankful of course,” she said with a smile.

When I looked at the Instagram account of ‘Lee Tae-ri’, the protagonist of the ‘Kkondae Intern,’ and asked if she was soaked whenever she took on the role, she said, “I think so. That way, I can analyze and draw more things about characters.”

What does she think about the airing of the ‘Kkondae Intern Season 2’? In response, Han Ji-eun said, “I only want to shoot again with the same members because I have only good memories. The drama has only 12 episodes. So, shooting was ended soon. The regret is great.”

Then, about the time when she was in the role of ‘Lee Tae-ri’ for the first time, she expressed affection by saying, “After receiving the synopsis, the work itself seemed to be really fun.”

When asked about her first terrestrial drama main role, and how she felt about it, Han Ji-eun said, “Being able to play a little bigger role means being able to intervene deeply in a certain work.”

Then, what is the attitude that changed from the previous as an actor through this work? Han Ji-eun said, “This time, I thought that Kim Eung-soo and Park Hae-jin help all people to work more comfortable way. To be a greater actress, I thought I needed not only acting, but also ‘leadership to embrace the field.’ I learned a lot on this occasion.”

‘Lee Tae-ri’ in the ‘Kkondae intern’ is a straightforward but lovely character. Is there a side that resembles a real personality? Then he responded, “Tae-ri is a very straightforward person when I see it, and that part resembles me.” She said, “It is a style that expresses strongly about something that I feel confident about.”

Jang Sung-gyu, a broadcaster who appeared in a cameo in a drama starring Han Ji-eun a while ago. With him, MBC FM4U ‘Good Morning FM Jang Sung-gyu!’ In response to this, he said with a smile, saying, “We are so close, and Jang call me ‘sister’.”

She has been conducting ‘Sunday Music Drama’ for over half a year. When I said that the fans’ reaction was hot, “I never thought that my voice was good. I always see a lot of things that are lacking, and I have a lot of things to fix. But, thankfully, many say my voice is good.” She had a dream about radio air that was on the bucket list. He added that this was the reason for the challenge of radio broadcasting.

Then JTBC ‘Be Melodramatic’ began to question. She played the role of ‘Hwang Han-ju’ and answered that he felt a lot of stuffiness. “Han-ju is a person who takes pains with reference to it,” she said. “I thought it would be okay to express this,” she said.

If ‘Kkondae Intern’ is the first terrestrial drama main character, ‘Be Melodramatic’ is the first drama that she played a main character. Was there a burden? “I felt burdened at first, but I could put it down quickly and gain responsibility and confidence,” said Han Ji-eun.

Actor Jeon Yeo-bin and Lee Joo-bin in the ‘Be Melodramatic’ are Han Ji-eun’s alumni. When asked about his usual relationship, “Apart from being an alumni, both Yeo-bin and Joo-bin are comfortable friends and good friends. So I seem to have been able to get close to it,” she said. “When I was in college, I didn’t know if we were alumni, but I had a good impression of the two friends before I went into the work.” she added.

Wouldn’t it be anxious to run a little late on the road to success? Then Han Ji-eun opened her mouth carefully. “In fact, as an actress, everyone will have anxiety. ‘I was worried about what to do if I had a prejudice against me because of my age, not as an actress.’ You’re looking for possibilities and images as an actor Han Ji-eun, not limited to age,” she said.

During the three-year gap, Han Ji-eun tried many things. Speech instructor was also one of them. When asked about her appearance as an office worker, she responded, “I’m good at accepting something gently, but there are a few parts that I like to disagree with.” She added that there was no great difficulty in communicating and staying at work.

When asked whether there is a different mindset from the time when she continued to play a role and supporting role in numerous films such as ‘Miss Granny’,’Train to Busan’, and ‘Real’. “There is a little bit more responsibility as the role of the cast gets bigger and bigger, but the attitude toward actor life is always the same.” It is said that every piece starts with the thought that ‘it is starting now.’

Han Ji-eun’s role model is Julia Roberts. The reason is that the spectrum of acting in the work is very wide. “If I want to be an actor, someone wants me to look at the role I played and naturally think of me.”

Then, was there any slump in the entertainment industry? In response, Han Ji-eun cited three years of inactivity. “I was thirsty because I hadn’t worked as an actress for long time. As I felt thirst for acting, my earnestness grew. I started again thinking I could start again if this was so desperate,” she said calmly.

Han Ji-eun lived so hard in her 20s. The best result among them is the ‘value change’. “I had the value of’Let’s spend a good day today,’” she said. “It seems like there was a lot of loss coming to me when that goal was not achieved.” She said that now he can objectively see himself day by day.


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