Hong Seok-cheon’s appeal to the stagnant business district “Please save Itaewon”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

The broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon asked for interest in the Itaewon commercial district, which is struggling with Covid-19.

Hong Seok-cheon posted on Instagram on the 19th, saying, “Many local governments are moving rapidly to save the local business district amid the outbreak of Covid-19. It’s an enviable story. Thank you for the hard-working public officials.

Then he said, “Please save Itaewon. Isn’t it a sin to stay still? It’s not a story of merchants going out.” “You have to wipe your tears. There’s no place to complain. I want to stop writing on social media. .

Earlier, Itaewon was turned away in May when it was known that Covid-19 spread around the club. After that, the commercial area did not recover and the commercial area was stagnant. Hong Seok-cheon, who has been running a restaurant for a long time in Itaewon, has reported several times through social media.


Photo| Hong Seokcheon SNS
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