‘Joo Sang-wook’s wife’ Cha Ye-ryeon, grabs a rockfish… “I was born to be a fisherman”

[Daily Economy Star Today Noulhee Intern Reporter]

Actress Cha Ye-ryeon showed talent in fishing.

Cha Ye-ryeon said on his Instagram on the 20th, “I caught a rockfish.” “Look at it.”

In the released photo, there is a picture of Cha Ye-ryeon, smiling proudly holding a rockfish on a boat. Cha Ye-ryeon is a modest figure wearing a hat in her face, but her flawless skin and small face stand out.

The netizens responded in a variety of ways, saying, “It’s bigger than your face”, “It’s really big”, “You are good at fishing. I cannot find your weak point!”

Cha Ye-ryeon and Joo Sang-wook married in 2017 and has her daughter In-a.


Photo| Cha Ye-ryeon SNS

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