“Kim Ho-jung cheers”… Fans of Kim Ho-jung ‘dominated Searching Engine’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Singer Kim Ho-jung’s fans recently started cheering for Kim Ho-jung, who is having a hard time with scandals.

On the 20th at 4pm, the phrase ‘Cheer up, Ho-joong’ was posted on the portal site in real-time. This is the result of fans working on a real-time search keyword gun (total attack) to empower their favorite singers.

Recently, Ho-jung Kim was exposed to various issues such as controversy over the issue related to contracts, controversy over demands for shamanic ceremonies recommendations in return for money from his mother, and suspicion of military-related preferential attempts.

Currently, former manager Kwon has filed a lawsuit against Kim Ho-jung for the return of the contract due to the destruction of one-way contract. He is also suing Kim Ho-jung’s agency, Saengkak Entertainment, on charges of insults and defamation.

Thought Entertainment also launched a counterattack. Through the official admission on the 17th, the Entertainment announced that it was “distributing false information about Kim Ho-jung and disgracing him,” and foretells legal action to take civil and criminal measures against former managers and others.

Meanwhile, on August 16, Kim Ho-jung will hold his first solo fan meeting,’For the First Time in Our Family’, at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium (KSPO DOME).


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