Kim Se-ah said she’s checking the fact after the news report about she was accused of violating confidentiality

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Actress Kim Se-ah is known to have been sued for claiming damages for violating confidentiality.

Kim Se-ah recently appeared in the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Do You Eat every meal?’ and referred to the so-called ‘Sex-woman Scandal’, which was caught in a lawsuit filed for 100 million won from Mr. A, the wife of Mr. B, an accounting firm in 2016.

At the time, the core complaints of the accused A were that her husband B and Kim Se-ah maintained an improper relationship, and the marriage broke down. It was such that they were provided with special convenience. Afterwards, Mr. A and Mr. B agreed to divorce, and Mr. A concluded the lawsuit against Kim Se-ah at the same time as the divorce.

In this regard, Kim Se-ah mentioned the incident at the time through ‘Do you eat every meal?’ Kim Se-ah said that she was in charge of marketing work for the corporation to which Mr. B belongs, and that he received 5 million won a month and a vehicle for the compensation. The vehicle was returned after the work was over, and the suspicion of being provided with an officetel, etc., was also explained as “it was used for business purposes, not for residential purposes.”

However, after the broadcast broke out, it was reported that Mr. A filed a lawsuit against Kim Se-ah for a claim for damages against the confidentiality agreement. According to the online media dispatch, Mr. A said, “She deliberately mentioned false information.” In addition, he deliberately undermined Mr. A’s reputation.”

A representative of the agency, Kim Se-ah, said on the 20th that it was “confirming” the report of A’s claim for damages to Maeil Business Star Today.

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