Lee Jung-hyun’s Comic Thriller ‘Night of the Undead’ is released in September

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Lee Jung-hyun’s comic thriller, ‘Night of the Undead,’ confirmed the release, and released the 1st 2nd poster and the 1st trailer.

The movie is a comic thriller about the story of killing the unbreakables who never die. Shin Jeong-won, the director of ‘Sicily 2km’, ‘Chow’, and ‘Fortunetellers’, direct the new film for the first time in 8 years.

Lee Jung-hyun, who continues to be active on the screen, by appearing on some films including ‘Peninsula’, and Kim Seong-oh, who plays the role of unprecedented unbreakables, Seo Young-hee, who shows intense passion for each piece, and Lee Mi-do, who plays various kinds of characters by appearing on various genres, and Yang Dong-geun, the pronoun of the free spirit are on the new film.

Director Shin Jeong-won said, “I tried to show my insistence on making an interesting movie. I’m sure that you will see what you haven’t seen in Korean movies so far”, expecting new kind of comic-thriller of Shin Jeong-won, which is interesting and unexpectable.

The three-person weapon poster features the appearance of Lee Jung-hyun, Seo Young-hee and Lee Mi-do trying to kill their unbreakable husband. Each will stand out with a determined will with a shovel, a knife, and a weapon of the gun. The five-person confrontation poster shows the confrontation between Kim Sung-oh holding a lubricator and a four-person character that expresses each individuality, adding to the anticipation of their confrontation. A variety of night festivals are predicted with images such as a night with a floating moon, a UFO flying in the sky, and a copy of “The night is short and do your best”. Released in September.


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