‘My Little Old boy’ Haha showed off his love to his wife… “No conflict between my wife and my mom; My wife is my hero” [Tuk-tv]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Haha revealed his love on the TV show ‘My Little old Boy’.

On the 19th, SBS entertainment program ‘My Little old Boy’ was broadcasted on the 19th by a dad of two boys and one daughter, Haha, who appeared as a special MC.

Haha, who appeared in the studio on the day, said, “I took a picture of my youngest daughter. My son is pretty, but my daughter is like another area,” she said. “The three children are over. “It is done by tying,” he said.

Haha also confessed that she married a star and changed her contemplation. He said, “Originally, only one eye had double eyelids. However, after marriage, it appeared on both sides. It resembled the impression of a wife.”

Haha was particularly interested in revealing the story of proposing to a star before dating. “My life wasn’t happy at the time. I decided to get married because I wanted to be happy, but one day my wife appeared in a dream. I thought it was God’s revelation, so I immediately contacted him and said,’Don’t waste your time and marry me.’

In addition, when MC Shin Dong-yeop asked, “When does your wife look prettiest?” “She’s always pretty,” but he added, “Particularly when she’s sleeping,” On the contrary, he gave the candid answer, “When I’m drinking, I afraid of her”, making the studio a sea of laughter.

“There was a better mood in the family as the stars came into the house,” said Haha, who said that there was no conflict between the two. “All of my family members have their own unique personalities, so we couldn’t easily get along with each other. Now, after eating outside, I even drink coffee and take a group photo. This is unimaginable in our home”. “My wife is my hero”, showing affection and warmth.

Meanwhile, Haha has two boys and a girl under the auspices of a 2012 singer star.


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