‘Once again’ recorded 33.7% of viewership ratings

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‘Once again’ Cheon Ho-jin and Lee Jeong-eun’s ‘sibling reunion’ broke out and mourned.

KBS2’s weekend drama aired on the 19th, ‘Once again’ (plays Yang Hee-seung, Ahn Ah-reum, director Lee Jae-sang, production studio Dragon, Bon Factory) 67, 68 episodes 30.4%, 33.7% (provided by Nielsen Korea, nationwide) The record, again renewing its highest ratings, proved the popularity of the home theater.

On this day’s broadcast, the relationship between Cheon Ho-jin (Song Young-dal), Lee Jeong-eun (Gang Cho-yeon), and Jo Mi-ryeong (Hong Yeon-hong) was entangled and made viewers sweat.

Hong Yeon-hong was shocked when she knew that Song Young-dal and Kang Cho-yeon were siblings because she found a family picture that Kang Cho-yeon kept in her purse. In deep agony, she soon recalled the fact that Song Young-dal was the ‘President of the Merchants’ Association. Later, Hong Yeon-hong decided to deceive Song Young-dal, fretting that thugs would threaten her again due to debt.

Kang Cho-yeon decided to leave the market because of the sudden death of her father and the inability to cause further damage to market traders. Moreover, the appearance of Kang Cho-yeon, who handed out the deposits to the shopkeepers pursuing Hong Yeon-hong, made the viewers cry.

After hearing the news that Kang Cho-yeon was leaving, Song Young-dal headed to the Gimbap restaurant with a sad heart and conveyed her regret. To that, Kang Cho-yeon said, “You were a little different. You were my friend who was the first person I met in my life. No, you are like my brother. I won’t forget.” The hearts of the two who were continuously staggering in this way doubled the sadness of viewers in the home theater.

Song Na-hee (Lee Min-jung), Yoon Kyu-jin (Lee Sang-yup), Song Da-hee (Lee Cho-hee) and Yoon Jae-suk (Lee Sang-i), who continued their secret romance, once again faced heightened tension. The ‘Dajae (Dahee X Jaeseok) Couple’, who brought the support to go to the military (SF9 Chanhee) to the terminal, faced the ‘Nagyu (Nahee X Gyujin)’ couple who was about to travel. The four people looking at each other with embarrassed eyes suggested that their relationship would enter an unusual phase.

On the other hand, the relationship between Song Joon-seon (Oh Dae-hwan), Seong Hyun-gyeong (Lim Jung-eun), and the second daughter Song Seo-jin (An Seo-yeon) have overcome tears and made tears. Song Seo-jin, a daughter who couldn’t speak because of her impotence, called Song  Joon-seon, saying, “My mom is sick.” This is the scene where Song Seo-jin, who was always smiling with a nickname of ‘Bang Bang-gi’, burst out of emotion for the first time, it came even more painful.

At the end of the broadcast, Hong Yeon-hong pretended to be Song Young-dal’s younger sister. Hong Yeon-hong, who secretly overlooked Kang Cho-yeon’s ‘family photo’, visited the market alone after all the family members of the Gimbap restaurant left the market, and then pretended to bump into Song Young-dal and spilled’family photo’ on the floor. After picking up the picture, the confused Song Young-dal and her saying, “It’s my only family picture” casually.

Chun Ho-jin, Lee Jeong-eun, and Joo Mi-ryeong’s entangled relationship will flow to each other, and Lee Min-jung, Lee Sang-yeop, Lee Cho-hee, and Lee Sang-i, who have caught up with each other, are wondering what choices they will make. It will be aired at 7:55 pm.


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