Admission to Zico, 30-day training camp → Alternative service for social workers

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Singer Zico (real name Woo Ji-ho) enters the office on the 30th, and is on duty for defense.

Zico enters the training center on the 30th, receives basic military training for 4 weeks, and then serves as a social worker. A representative from the agency said on the 21st, Maeil Business Star Today, “Zico will enter the training center on the 30th.”

Zico is the fourth member of Block B, following Tae-il, B-Bomb, and U-Kwon, and will take on the duty of defense.

Zico debuted in 2011 with the Block B single ‘Do U Wanna B?’ After becoming a singer-songwriter idol with his unparalleled producing skills, he became a solo artist in 2018 and established KOZ Entertainment after continuing his own musical career.

He showed off his hot popularity with ‘Any song’ earlier this year, and released his third mini album ‘Random Box’ on the 1st, and is controlling the music chart with ‘Summer Height’. Recently MBC ‘How do you play?’ He also participated in the lyrics of the song titled ‘The Beach Again Here’.

He is also appearing as a producer on Mnet ‘Irish’, which is currently on the air, but getting off due to admission has become inevitable.

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