‘Blackout: Invasion Earth’, hot from trailer

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

SF Battle Blockbuster ‘Blackout: Invasion Earth’ by the crew of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ released the main trailer.

‘Blackout: Invasion Earth’ is a movie that depicts the struggle of humanity against their existence after the entire earth was stopped by an alien entity that invaded Earth one day.

In the main trailer that was released, the communication, electricity, and life of the entire earth were instantly turned off, and immediately after the event of a paradox, it vividly captured the situation of the last human race and stimulated curiosity. Moreover, even the first clue to the purpose and identity of the invasion of the Earth, which has never been revealed, has continued to be more enthusiastic.

“Wow I think I should go to the theater” (Ho***), “I will definitely see you at the movie theater” (Park***) “This will be fun” (Song***), “I think it will be fun” (Jo***) , “It seems like there is a movie worth watching one by one” (Kim***), and “This is a movie magazine” (Lee***). Scheduled for release in August.


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