Donate budly, donate the company’s senior legacy Seul-sae album + activity profits (‘How do you play?’)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

The project hybrid group ‘Ssak 3’ from TV show, ‘How do you play?’, will donate all profits of their album.

On the 21st, the MBC entertainment program ‘How do you play’? “The cover song released in the 11th, “in the summer”, “Turn that summer” to be released on the 25th, the physical album to start pre-sale, the members to be released on the 1st of August “We will donate money for activities such as solo songs and other songs and albums to help neighbors in need.”

Just as their predecessors, Heritage Seoul, donated all of the proceeds received during the last year’s activities and the calendar proceeds to the Milal Welfare Foundation and the Briquette Bank.

When the news was announced, the netizens responded with “I wish Ssak3 succeeds”, “Have fun to donate a bigger amount than Yoo Sanseul”, “Best”, “Too cool”.

Photo courtesy| MBC
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