‘God of Trot’ Kim Yeon-ja sang Lim Jae-bum’s ‘Just For You’…

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

Nam Jin sang Lee Moon-se’s song ‘Gwanghwamun Love Story’, and Kim Yeon-ja sang Lim Jae-bum’s ‘Just for You’.

On the 22nd, SBS ‘God of Trot’ will be fully revealed in Nam Jin’s version of Gwanghwamun Love Story and Kim Yeon-ja’s version of Just for You.

God of Trot constantly challenging new topics raised the expectation to the fullest by challenging ‘Other genre Song’ instead of Trot this time. In particular, Nam Jin, who sang Lee Moon-se’s ‘Gwanghwamun Love Story’, confessed that singing a different genre song is not easy, saying “This program tests singers”.

However, when the song started, Nam Jin perfected her style and exulted. God of Trot said, “I hear it as a teacher’s song.” It is said that ‘Online audiences’ cheered on Nam Jin’s stage that even had a single drama.

On the other hand, Kim Yeon-ja, who sang ‘Just for You’, a rock-style ballad, Lim Jae-bum, also didn’t stop practicing until just before stage. Before the ‘rock’ style stage, which I tried for the first time in my life, I was nervous, saying, “I can do well, I was really nervous.”

Contrary to worries, however, God of Trot watched the stage and enthusiastically said, “It’s a complete trot rock!” and predicted the birth of a new genre (?), adding to Yeon-ja’s reinterpretation of’for you’.

Godfather Namjin and Trot Empress Kim Yeon-ja’s 200% thrill! The challenge site that tears off the stage will be unveiled on the 22nd at 10 pm on SBS ‘God of Trot’.


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