Lee Jong-hyuk ‘With Teacher’ “I’m sorry for my sons, who cannot go to school due to the COVID-19”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Actor Lee Jong-hyuk expressed his sad feelings toward two sons, who are often unable to go to school with Corona19.

On August 2nd, KBS1’s first scheduled broadcast, ‘Issue Pick, With Teacher’ (hereinafter ‘With Teacher’), is a lecture program that invites experts in various fields to easily solve the issues of the times and gain wisdom in life. Lee Jong-hyuk will appear on the panel and add to the liveliness of the lecture with an honest and unstoppable conversation.

Lee Jong-hyuk, who used to show his affectionate dad by appearing with his son on other broadcasts, is said to have enriched the studio by actively sympathizing with the contents of the lecture’with 쌤’and telling his experiences honestly.

In the first recording where the lecture was given on the theme of ‘The era of the pandemic, the boundary between safety and freedom (gauze),’ Lee Jong-hyuk said, “When I was in school, I didn’t want to go to school. I even envied some students, who are majoring arts or physical education, don’t go to school. But, now, I feel sorry for my sons, who can’t make memories with their schoolmates due to COVID-19,” he showed.

Lee Jong-hyuk appeared as a leading manager in the movie ‘Brutal Cruelty’ and showed his face to the public, and showed off his excellent entertainment in various programs including KBS Seung Seung Jang-gu.

‘With Teacher’, Lee Jong-hyuk, comedian Yoo Min-sang, singer Yunha, comedian Kang Yu-mi, and YouTuber Shuka will appear on the panel to communicate with the audience at the viewer’s eye level, and it is expected to have an interesting talk lecture.

‘With Teacher’ starts on August 2nd and airs every Sunday at 7:10 PM.


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