‘Morning Yard’ Noh Ji-Hoon “Dance singer debuted, turned to be a trot singer due to a recommendation of shaman “

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Noh Ji-hoon appeared on ‘Morning Yard’, saying that he turned into a trot singer with a shaman’s invitation.

On the 21st KBS1 ‘Morning Yard’, which was broadcasted on the 21st, Tuesday invited Shin Sung and Noh Ji-hoon, who are working as an agricultural expedition in ‘My Hometown at 6 o’clock’. Shin Sung and Noh Ji-Hoon are playing together as Hwang Yoon-sung and Kim Kyung-min as four beats.

Debuted as a dance singer, Noh Ji-hoon said, “I made my debut with the ambition of being a next-generation solo singer to succeed Rain’s senior.

“I debuted as a solo singer, but I didn’t get on stage because of my lack of skills. A shaman whom I met when I had hard time, failing to have an opportunity to be on the stage, recommended me to go to ‘Mister Trot’. It was before the trot boom. I convinced me about a year or so.”

He said, “It was difficult because I had never had a trot before, but when I was playing it, it was so good and good.”


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