‘Mulberry School’ Lim Young-woong, Jo Sung-mo sang a song in the rain

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Mulberry School’ Lim Young-woong formed the ‘Rain Duet’ with the original ballad emperor Jo Sung-mo and presents the’legend-class emotional stage’ that goes beyond generations.

The TV CHOSUN ‘Mulberry School’, which will be aired on the 22nd, will show the legendary Sung-mo Mo and the ‘Rainy emotional class’, which moistened the summer night with Trotman F4, which caused the ballad fever in Korea with a sweet voice.

While Trotman F4 is enjoying healing at the ‘Mong House’ located in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, comedian Hong Hyun-hee appears with a basket of plums and says, “You don’t know our plum niece? Do you know our nephew?” The situation that made Trotman F4 bewildered by leaving a question.

Following the familiar melody, Jo Sung-mo of Emperor Ballard emerged and sang’Are You Knowing’ in the rain, and surprised the Trotman F4. The Trotman F4, drunk with a sweet voice, drew a warm chemistry from the beginning as he sang ‘Do you know’ with Jo Sung-mo, regardless of the pouring rain.

After finishing the song, Jo Sung-mo said the reason why he visited ‘Mulberry House’, saying that he is a fan of ‘Mr. Trot’ and that he wants to score points with the craftsman and his mother-in-law and play comfortably with Trotman F4, his brother, and his brother. In particular, Jo Sung-mo appeared as a gift with an enormous amount of eel weighing 10kg, which was handed over by a craftsman and his mother-in-law, and held a’Surprise Eel Party’ with Trotman F4, and exchanged sincere stories as a senior in the music industry.

First, Lim Young-woong focused on his attention by seeking advice from Jo Sung-mo, a music industry senior and a senior in life, on ‘Which woman should do marriage with?’ In addition, when Lee Chan-won introduced Jo Sung-mo as ‘Prince of OST’ like the nickname ‘Chanto Encyclopedia’, Young-Tak transformed into the drama ‘Paris’s Lover’, the main character, Park Shin-yang, and shook the scene by showing the so-called ‘Lovers of Mulberry’ with storm acting power.

Taking over the heightened atmosphere, Lim Young-woong, together with the prominent phrase “You are in this,” sang the song of Jo Sung-mo’s “Lovers in Paris,” OST, “By Your Side,” and Lim Young-woong’s outstanding sensitivity to the light that shines more in the rain. He smiled happily. Subsequently, while Jo Sung-mo sang along with Lim Young-woong’s ‘Sweet Voice’, the ‘historic stage’ of two emotional artists from all over the world was born.

Particularly in the rain, Jo Sung-mo, who spent a burning night with the Trotman F4, hurriedly bombed and said that he didn’t want to go home. Indeed, the rainy night completed by Trotman F4 and Jo Sung-mo, the emotional sniper stage is amplifying curiosity.

The production team said, “The fact that the Trotman F4 and the ballad craftsman Jo Sung-mo met will give a different healing.” “We look forward to the ‘Rainy emotional class’ that will blow the heat of the summer night into a special excitement.”

TV CHOSUN ‘Mulberry School’, where Lim Yeong-woong and Jo Sung-mo’s special duet sniper site will be revealed, will be aired on the 22nd at 10 PM.


Photo courtesy|TV CHOSUN’Mulberry School’
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