‘Radio Star’ Jeon So-mi X Heo Hoon, after the first contact with Ponting… awkward X subtle airflow

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Singer Jeon So-mi and basketball star Heo Hoon confess to their meeting via phone. Jeon So-mi and Heo Hoon raise their curiosity about what happened between the two people when they met awkwardly for the first time at the ‘Radio Star’ recording site after a surprise phone meeting.

MBC ‘Radio Star’, which will be aired on the 22nd, will feature a special feature of ‘Seal and Sword Fight’ with Lee Yeon-bok, Jeon So-mi, Yoo Min-sang, and Heo Hoon.

‘Seals and Sword Fairies’ in each field, which seizes the real-time search terms of the main portal with only photos captured by scenes of riding a foreign car due to cooking, basketball or dating, land on ‘Radio Star’. Sword Fighter’s special guests are raising expectations by saying that they are going to solve the unexpected’tide tide’.

In particular, Jeon So-mi, who succeeded to be a solo singer after IOI, and basketball superstar Heo Hoon, who embraced the regular league MVP (Pro Basketball 2019-2020 season) that even his father, known as ‘Basketball President’, failed to win, confessed that he was the person who had a phone meetingbefore recording. Make MCs sloppy.

Jeon So-mi and Heo Hoon, who had their first encounter with ‘Radio Star’ after talking on the phone, said, “I don’t know how to look at them.” It raises curiosity about who arranged the surprise phoneting between Jeon So-mi and Heo Hoon.

Following Heo Jae, Heo Hoon makes him curious about his performance by catching MCs with his dignified appearance and warm appearance.

On the other hand, Jeon So-mi shows off her special acquaintance with Lee Yeon-bok and MC Sam Hammington, who appeared together. ‘Yeonhui-dong Alley Captain’, a link between the three, stimulates curiosity by saying that it will be summoned throughout the broadcast as if it were in the field.

Meanwhile, Sam Hammington, who was the first foreigner to have a special ‘Radio Star’ MC role, plays the role of a ‘laughing mine’ unexpectedly. In addition, he will be honest with the reason why he is worried about the adolescence of William, who is 5 years old, from the third plan, the younger brother of William and Bentley, the’national nephew’ who are loved by Aunt LANS.

On the other hand, the special feature of ‘Seal and Sword Contest’ can be checked through’Radio Star’ broadcast on Wednesday, 22nd at 10:40 pm.


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