‘Simple cleaning’ Jung Joo-ri “Why can’t I throw away your maternity dress?

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Comedian Jung Joo-ri hesitated to arrange maternity clothes for the possibility of having her fourth child.

In the tvN entertainment program’Nearly Clean’, which aired on the 20th, three sons’ mother, Jeong Joo-ri, appeared as the client, and MC Park Na-rae, Shin-Aera, and Yoon Gyun-sang, helped Jung Joo-ri’s house.

On this day, Jung Joo-ri presented a maternity suit as a ‘desire candidate’ that she could not throw away while arranging her clothes. Jung Joo-ri showed the clothes she wore when she was pregnant and calmly explained the convenience of elastic pants.

Shin Aera asked, “What are you thinking about disposing? Then Jung Joo-ri, who was hesitant to dispose of the maternity uniform, said, “So… I don’t know.”

When Park Na-rae asked, “Make sure here. Do you have any plan to have the fourth child?” Jung Joo-ri regretted, saying, “I didn’t have when I gave birth to my three children.”

Yoon Gyun-sang, on the side of Jung Joo-ri, said, “In fact, I can’t see anything after having a drink every evening.”

Yoon Gyun-sang said, “If you want a fourth, do you want to have a daughter? But I would like to throw away my son’s energy in the maternity suit.”


Photo|tvN broadcast screen capture

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