Song Il-guk “My mother, Kim Eul-dong, hasn’t ever praised me as an actor”

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Song Il-guk will appear in the talk show in eight years.

MBC Everyone ‘Video Star’, which will be broadcast on the 21st, is decorated with ‘Video Star growl~ growl~♪ handsome and wild beast special’. It will appear as a lineup of Avenue.

In particular, Song Il-guk’s performance was brilliant. Song Il-guk, the MC, said, “It is introduced as an ‘entrepreneurship role in entertainment’ in the Internet encyclopedia.” Colleagues who appeared together were worried about the entertainment appearance due to the silent appearance of Song Il-guk. However, for a while, Song Il-guk played a relentless fighting spirit to promote the work, including reproducing the scene of ‘Broadway 42nd Street’ and following Park Na-rae’s tweaking dance.

On this day, MCs won the MBC Drama Awards for “Jumong”. When asked, “Have you had the special training of your mother, Kim Eul-dong?” Song Il-guk replied, “I have never been praised at the time of ‘Jumong’.” However, “She has recently watched ‘Jumong’, and she said my acting is not bad. I expressed tears while expressing my respect for Kim Eul-dong.

He also mentioned the love story of actor Yoo Dong-keun and Jeon In-hwa. The top Korean actors Yoo Dong-geun, Jeon In-hwa, and Park Sang-won visited Kim Eul-dong for acting class.

Song Il-guk said, “In the past, a couple of seniors, Yoo Dong-keun and Jeon In-hwa, dated from my home as an excuse for acting classes. And, I became an actor thanks to Yoo Dong-keun’s recommendation.

On the other hand, Song Il-guk, who showed great acting and singing abilities at ‘Broadway 42nd Street’ as Julian Marsh, confessed his song phobia, saying, “I was ashamed of my singing ability and even thought about refunding tickets to the audience.” He even told a story about a song he had to sing on a stage to Daehan, Min-kook and Manse. The appearance of the trio singing on the stage instead of Song Il-guk is revealed on the air.

In addition, Song Il-guk also reported on the status of the three generations of elementary school students. ‘Video Star’, where the news of the trio and the musical actor Song Il-guk unfolded in the meantime, will be aired on the 21st at 8:30 pm at MBC Every One.

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