‘The Paik father’, edited version→May we save a living by organizing an extended version [MK focus]

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MBC’s live cooking show ‘The Paik father: Don’t Stop Cooking!’

‘The Paik father: Don’t Stop Cooking!’ (hereinafter ‘The Paik father’) is a two-way interactive cooking show with live broadcast for 90 minutes with those who are poor at cooking (referring to as a beginner’s name) rehabilitation project. This program, which introduces them to the world of ‘cooking’ with ultra-simple ingredients for every week, and cooking tools that everyone has, this program starts with dishes using eggs, tofu, ramen, kimchi, bread recipe is released and serves as a cooking guide for viewers of ‘Beginners’.

Apart from the broadcasting concept,’Paik Jong-won’s entertainment’ was focused on its success, but due to the slow breathing of the live broadcast, it wasn’t fun to watch the program with the ‘Entertainment trend’ called ‘Paik Jong-won’. On June 20, the first broadcast started with a low rating of 3%, and recorded 3.3% for the second episode, 4.2% for the third episode, 4.8% for the fourth episode, and 4.1% for the fifth episode (Nielsen Korea National Standard). It continued, but struggled in front of the 5% wall.

Of course, it has been a long time since the afternoon of Saturday at 5 pm was a golden hour in terms of TV ratings, but it is a report that does not meet expectations in that it has released a failed card called Paik Jong-won. Many critics said that good planning intentions such as ‘Helping beginners succeed in cooking’ and ‘Saving struggling Farmers in the Covid-19 Era’ were also missing without being able to mix with entertaining fun in front of a rather cluttered live broadcast.

Although there are many opinions that live broadcasting through Naver V Live provides fun for watching live broadcasts with netizens’ real-time comments, it has been pointed out that it is not enough to hug TV viewers without responding to comments.

In order to complement the experiment called live broadcasting, ‘The Paik father’ side began the aggressive editing by deploying the edited version of the morning on the day of the main broadcast, and deploying the’back father extension’ at midnight on Monday from the 20th. It seems to be a strategy to attract viewers who are loyal to the’back father’ in front of the TV on Monday night, and aimed at the effect of the two-six-second introduction of ‘The Paik father’ to viewers who have never seen the show.

In ‘The Paik father Expansion-Derby Beginning’, various scenes that could not be shown in live broadcasts, including the cooking intentions of ‘beginner’ and ‘Paik Father’, which was created after careful efforts with the production team, and the struggle of timer band Norajo, were revealed. It brought new fun.

In the first live broadcast, Yang Se-hyung’s inner heart was also revealed. Yang Se-hyung said, “When I first stood on the gag stage, I was more nervous. A shocking moment came and wanted to run out in the middle.” On the other hand, Paik Jong-won encouraged Yang Se-hyung, and showed excitement when he saw the pretty fried eggs of the beginners, who filled the 48 windows of each.

It is not necessary to be disappointed as it is the first start. After the actual time of severe reorganization, the second live broadcast clearly overcame the trial and error of the first time, and through the expansion, the ‘Paik father’ team struggling for such changes was revealed, and it was muffled.

‘Back Father’ who overcomes the sadness of the first live broadcast and continues his journey with beginners. Although he threw another game as an extended version, the first broadcast of ‘The Paik father-Extended Edition’ also had a low rating of 1.7%. It is noteworthy whether a slow paced ‘The Paik father’ will be able to achieve numerical growth by finding the meaning of existence through his own storytelling through a live broadcast and an extended version from a fast-moving broadcaster.


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