‘Voice Trot’ All-Crown Jung Dong-nam “4,700 rescue organizations, one shooter in unison”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Voice Trot’ Jung Dong-nam revealed his impression of the explosive reaction immediately after the broadcast.

He appeared on MBN’s extra large trot survival ‘Voice Trot’ (planned/directed by Park Tae-ho) broadcast on July 17 and won a miracle all-crown. For the public, his pro-trot skills, which he was familiar with as the king of the wind, a strong personality, and as the chairman of the Korea Rescue Federation, were truly reversal.

On this day, Jung Dong-nam sang ‘Yongdusan Ereji’ perfectly with a new break of fantasy, and the judges couldn’t shut up because of the gentle melody. Legend judge Nam Jin said, “It is the best stage of ‘Voice Trot’.”

Jung Dong-nam, who had never seen on any stage, received a full crown and bowed to the audience for a long time. The trouble and suffering must have come to mind. Judges and participants also cried together, watching Jung Dong-nam’s sincere tears.

Through the production of ‘Voice Trot’, Jung Dong-nam, who warmed up online after the broadcast, said, “I was very nervous, but I was confident that I would pass the first round. “I think I won’t be in the last 10.”

In particular, Jung Dong-nam said, “Seol Woon-do called immediately the morning after the broadcast and said, ‘I was surprised. Now he said, ‘You are my new rival.’ Singer Kim Kook-hwan also gave a congratulatory call,” he said to the legendary singers.

Lastly, Jung Dong-nam said, “All 4,700 rescue organizations I belonged to were congratulated and congratulated. The rest of my life, I want to stand on many stages and sing, I want to live comforting and joyful people.”

‘Voice Trot’ recorded 10.091% (2 copies) of audience ratings in only two episodes, ranking first in all channels including broadcast, cable, and terrestrial broadcasts at the same time. It is also the highest viewer rating of MBN. Voice Trot, which is creating a syndrome-like blast, is broadcast every Friday at 9:50 pm.


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