Go Ara,’Dodosol Solarsol’, unveils her first steel cut

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

Go Ara of ‘Dodosol Solarsol’, played Goo Lala, the lovely character of the drama.

On the 22nd, KBS 2TV’s new tree drama ‘Dodosol Solarasol’ (directed by Kim Min-kyung, drama Oji-young, produced by Monster Union) will be broadcast on August 26th. Released.

‘Dodosol Solarasol’ is a sparkly romantic comedy of energetic pianist Goo Lala(Go Ara) and a veteran part-time worker, Seon Woo-jun (Lee Jae-wook). With their scars and secrets, the stories of those gathered at Laraland, a piano school in a small rural village, will give a pleasant excitement and a pleasant laugh. The exciting meeting between Go Ara and the actor Lee Jae-wook, who predicted the transformation of acting, has attracted a lot of attention even before the broadcast. The writer Oh Ji-young, who has secured the spirit, hopes for the birth of a delicate and sensual romantic comedy.

Go Ara, who has been transforming acting in various works, challenges romantic comedies through this work, and presents a different charm. The photo released in anticipation of the passion contains the lovely moment of ‘Goo Lala’, that makes you feel better when you look at it. From the head to the toes, Goo Lala is full of ‘pretty’. As a ‘stargram addict’ who uploads every move to SNS, she has no time to take a ‘life shot’. From a shopping date with Mimi, a companion dog like her own, to a relaxing ‘Hocans (Hotel Vacation)’, Goo Lala’s splendid daily life stimulates curiosity.

Go Ara plays the infinite positive pianist ‘Goo Lala’, who faces the back of her life. Goo Lala, who is proud of her great energy, who is frustrated, is always a positive. Honestly, since there is no twist, the simplicity and creased simplicity sometimes causes anger, but she is a charmer who makes others laugh under all circumstances. I have lived the enviable life of the world without being afraid or unnoticed, but in a day, I start to be a ‘smiling’ rehabilitation as I become empty-hearted. But even without a penny, there is no frustration in life. Equipped with a unique positive energy, Goo Lala’s 2nd movement for youth is dynamically unfolded.

In the previous interview, “I wanted to try the “romantic comedy” genre, but I was excited to be able to challenge,” said Goa. As I came back wearing a 200% synchro, ‘sticky’ character, I’m already looking forward to the ‘Energetic’ Goo Lala, an orphan table that will be born with a unique bright charm. It’s a fighting-rich, lovely friend anytime, anywhere. If there is a person who feels better just by looking at it, it will be Lala.” she said. “I want to convey the character’s various charms well,” she said, is trying to get one step closer to the character. “Because Lala is a pianist, I paid attention to practicing the piano. When I approached the character, I searched for related music or thought deeper about Lala while playing the actual piano.”

On the other hand, ‘Dodosol Solarsol’ will be aired on August 26 (Wed) at 9:30 pm KBS 2TV.


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