Kim Ho-jung’s side said, “There’s something wrong on my statement,” at the Military Manpower Administration’s “Reason for Judgment 4” [Official]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

The agency admitted that while the Military Department pointed out that some of the singer Kim Ho-jung’s position was wrong.

According to the official position on the 21st, the entertainment team that shows the thought of Kim Ho-jung’s agency said, “Kim Ho-jung was rated 4th grade for various reasons such as unstable joint, neurotic disorder, and non-occlusion at the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration physical examination.”

“The Military Manpower Administration went through a more detailed examination process to prevent suspicion related to Kim Ho-jung’s test results,” said Kim Ho-jung, who will faithfully implement the defense duties determined by the results of the military service.

However, the Military Manpower Administration later pointed out that part of Kim’s position was wrong. In addition, the place where the physical examination was conducted was also corrected as the central physical examination laboratory.

Entertainment officials who showed thoughts related to this thought on the 22nd of the Daily Economy Star Today said, “It is correct that part of the entrance is wrong. That’s right from the Military Manpower Administration. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the correct position.”

On the other hand, Kim Ho-jung was on the verge of a solo fan meeting at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on August 16, ahead of the ‘first in our family’, but is considering how to proceed with Songpa-gu’s prohibition order following the re-proliferation of COVID-19.

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