Kim Jong-un boasts a slim body line during yoga classes…’Wannabe body’

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Actress Kim Jong-un boasted a slim body line.

On the 22nd, Kim Jong-un posted a short video on her Instagram with the phrase “stand up”.

In the released video, Kim Jong-un is proud of her slim body and innocent beauty on the mat during yoga classes. Slim bodylines, such as slender arms and legs, without any flesh, create admiration. While the age of 42 is incredible this year, the beauty also shines.

The netizens who came across the video showed various reactions such as “Looks like a luxurious yoga class”, “Wannabe body..”, “It’s so pretty and beautiful”, “I look like an instructor”, and “I look forward to dramas.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un returns to the home theater in MBN’s new drama ‘My Dangerous Wife’ in three years. It will be broadcast first in September.

Photo| Kim Jung Eun SNS

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