Psychiatrist Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong’s brother pictorial “Youtube Channel, Be Healed”

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The pictorial of Youtuber, Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong (hereinafter referred to as Yang Bro), a psychiatrist specializing in mental health medicine, has been released.

Magazine ‘Mac & Jina’, which deals with the stories of YouTubers and influencers, released the pictorial of Yang Jae-woong’s brother Yang Jae-woong on the 22nd.

Yangbro also presented honest interviews, such as the tip of the doctor and creator, showing the brother’s chemistry through the ‘Mac & Jina’.

The two were chic but playful in the Sowing Boundaryless and Black Ball suits, like the protagonist of the movie’The New World’, and they portrayed Song Ji-oh Homme’s casual summery look cool.

“I had a conflict in the early stages of operating a hospital together, but I am naturally learning how to resolve it, and I am currently working happily,” said Yang Jae-jin, the director of the hospital. “I think it’s good,” he said.

His younger brother, Yang Jae-woong, is famous for his specialty in Good-looking man in the Mental Health Department of Channel A ‘Heart Signal’. He showed his passion as a creator, saying, “To create a content that provides real-time counseling that can be fun, but practical and helpful, even to prevent the transmission of false knowledge.”

Lastly, Yang Bro’s final goal is “I want to be a symbol of healthy mental health medicine. I hope that people can heal and resolve their concerns by watching our YouTube channel.”

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Photo courtesy| ‘Mac & Gina’

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