‘Sonata of a flame’ Kim Ji-cheol, Super Junior Ryeowook, Pentagon Hui, casting revealed… August opening

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It was premiered in 2017, creating numerous enthusiasts in Korea, and the musical ‘Sonata of a flame’, one of the most anticipated creative musicals in the real world, began its domestic performances in August, and finally, in September 2020, starting with the United States, Japan, and Southeast Asia. It is sent online in real time. Shins Wave (CEO Shin Jung-hwa), a global content producer that develops, produces, and exports Korean musical content overseas, attempts to globalize Korean creative musicals in various ways through domestic performances as well as performances in Tokyo, Osaka, and Japan by the musical ‘Sonata of a flame’ In the post-Covid-19 era, the production system was expanded with a full-time online transmission service, and ‘Sonata of a flame’ was selected as the first work.

The musical will be broadcast in real time to the US, Japan and Southeast Asia through online in September 2020, starting with domestic performances. Based on the novel ‘Sonata of a flame’, written by Kim Dong-in in 1930, the musical was praised in 2017, thanks to sophisticated and great character discription and attractive music. Sonata of a flame is followed by the enthusiastic response from overseas audiences through Japanese performances in Tokyo and Osaka, and in Korea, it will return to Seoul’s Meccaine University in Seoul at the 2019 COEX Artium Performance in 2019 and the Korean Performance in 2020.

The 2020 ‘Sonata of a flame’ is a new attempt to allow overseas audiences to watch our performances through online broadcasting as well as on the domestic stage. It is noteworthy whether it will be a new solution for the performance industry in the post-corona era.

The musical ‘Sonata of a flame’ is a psychological thriller genre where only three actors dominate the stage with their desperate energy and acting. For this reason, this work is not only a domestic stage performance, but also a real-time broadcast abroad.

Composer J, who brings out beautiful melodies when death comes, will be played by Kim Ji-cheol. Ryeowook (Super Junior), who’ve been on ‘Agatha’, ‘The Goddess is Watching, being a musical actor, and Hui (Pentagon), a talented musician who is recognized for his ability to compose and produce, and who has a full-fledged musical debut stage with this work.

In J’s musical muse and innate genius composer S will be played by Yoo Seung-hyun, the first member of ‘Nawa Natasha and the White Donkey’, ‘Brother’s Karamazov’ and ‘Sonata of flame’, and Yoo Hoi-seung, who broke the first tape of the musical stage last year with ‘We Will Rock You’ (N.Flying), and Hong Joo-chan (Golden Child) with main vocal down song skills, as well as guitar, piano, and violin performance skills was triple cast.

Lastly, in the role of classical professor K, who led composer J to the path of ruin for his success, will be played by Kim Ju-ho, who performed well in ‘Ludwick: Beethoven the Piano’, ‘Brothers Karamazov’, ‘Bridge of Madison County’, etc and actor Lee Seon-geun, who’ve been on several musicals, including ‘Mother Ballard’.

In particular, since the roles in the play are composers, actors from the singer among the actors in the roles of J and S have both high-level piano skills and composing skills, so that they can see how they are playing the piano on stage, making it more exciting for fans. It has great expectations.

All of them said that the 2020 ‘Sonata of flame’ will be broadcast in real time over the domestic stage as well as online. J role actor Ryeowook said, “It seems to be an exciting and unique experience to be able to see the genre of musical with overseas audiences. I hope that many audiences will be with us.” Hong Joo-chan, the first musical challenge, also said, “I am honored and grateful to be able to meet many people during difficult times. I will do my best without missing any of the songs and acting so that the character S, who has a lot of troubles and expresses well, can be expressed well.”

Actress Kim Ju-ho of K role said, “I am looking forward to seeing ‘Sonata of a flame’ as a new precedent and an alternative in difficult times. Still, it is better to meet at the theater,” said actor Lee Sun-geun, “I think everyone can meet with different cultural contents in difficult times, so I am curious and looking forward to myself. It is not intuition, but I am grateful to be able to meet.”

The musical ‘Sonata of a flame’ will be staged in Korea at the Uniplex 1 in Daehak-ro from August 15, starting with the opening of the first reservation on July 24 (Fri), and overseas in the United States, Japan, and Southeast Asia in September. It will be sent online in real time.


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