‘Wife’s taste’ Jeong Dong-won “Lim Young-woong is like my parent, Yeong-tak is like my teacher, and Jang Min-ho is like a friend”

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Singer Jeong Dong-won revealed his thoughts on ‘Mr. Trot’ members.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Wife’s Taste’, which was broadcast on the 21st, Jeong Dong-won met with his peer Lim Do-hyung, who became close friends during the preliminary contest at ‘Mr. Trot’. Jeong Dong-won and Lim Do-hyeong visited a luxury barber shop and had a different experience.

On the same day, at the barber Shop, Jeong Dong-won and Lim Do-hyeong, who had finished shaving and shaving the concept of the movie ‘The King’s man’, went to eat Korean food.

Jeong Dong-won replied, “First of all, Lim Young-woong is a brother who cares for me like my parents, and like my family.” Next, he explained, “Uncle Young-Tak teaches me well as a teacher and takes good care of me. It is fun.”

Then, Jeong Dong-won added, “In the case of Jang Min-ho, the age difference is the most significant at 30 years old, and he seems like my best friend.”

Jeong Dong-won also said that he said “He’s someone who can play comfortably together.” When Lim Do-hyeong asked, “Isn’t the two of you rivals once?” Jeong Dong-won replied, “It was then, but not now,” and boasted a warm friendship with his brothers.

Meanwhile, ‘Wife’s Taste’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 10 PM.


Photo| TV Chosun Broadcasting Screen Capture

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