“Yoo Quiz” Youtuber Shinsaimdang Joo Eon-gyu said, “The monthly salary is 1.8 million won → 180 million won, and the secrets of the re-tech…”

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’, the secret of the money that we were curious about but didn’t know is revealed.

‘Yoo Quiz on the Block (Director Kim Min-suk)’, which has earned a favorable reception by launching an average of 3.2% of households and 4.7% of instants in the last broadcast, and has been hitting the highest ratings since its launch, is set to solve another curiosity among viewers. On the 22nd, ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ will feature a special feature of ‘Money’. Investment Creator, Korea Mint Corporation, Tax Collection Section, Seoul City Hall, Financial Fraud Response Team, Financial Supervisory Service, as a user, tells the story of making money, earning, chasing, and protecting money.

Joo Eon-gyu, a professional creator of investment, teaches a secret called money. At ordinary workers who earned a monthly wage of 1.8 million won, his investment advice was released, reversing his life to 100 times monthly income and 180 million won in 5 years. It is said that the person who pulled out the jackpot, such as shopping mall business, stocks, real estate, etc., frankly revealed the story behind success and failure, making the big self and the baby self welcoming.

The story of making money by Lee Jong-hak, who has been working at the Korea Mint Corporation’s currency headquarters for 25 years, also attracts attention. The person who makes about 50 billion won a day tells the face of making money that we didn’t know, from the production process of bills to the identification of counterfeit bills, and even the emergency situation where the operation of the currency headquarters is completely stopped. “I think of money as a product and work, but the more money I am, the more I am happy,” the higher expectations are raised even during the ongoing unexpected talk.

Tax collection at Seoul City Hall, Lee Yong-beom, 38th mobile squad, and Secretary of State Song Jeong-min are amazed by various episodes related to taxpayers. It is said that they will be introduced with their persistent tracker that “it must be traced to the end and collected”, for example, by receiving a delinquent amount of 8 billion won from a person. As well as the dispatch site that entered the front door to collect taxes, it vividly reveals the unexpected events that take place on the site. In addition, a warning message to taxpayers was delivered, and Yoo Jae-seok and Cho Se-ho said that they had fired “the conversation has become cooler.”

Shin Sang-joo, a financial fraud response team at the Financial Supervisory Service, referred to as the ‘world’s deadliest’, continues his talk on the subject of protecting financial consumers. The new voice phishing crimes, which are becoming more and more intelligent as the days go by, and various damages that amount to an average of 2.9 billion won per day, will be provided to inform the countermeasures when faced with voice phishing. As the social distance of the scam organization caused by Covid-19 is reduced, a large number of cases of voice phishing damage have been reduced, and the story of voice phishing experienced by Cho Se-ho is also predicted to draw attention.

PD Kim Min-suk, the director, said, “In the 64th episode of the’Money’ feature, we will make money, earn money, chase, and keep money. We hope that this will be a chance to think about the various meanings of money through dialogue with them, from the effort we put on one sheet of paper and the effort we put on it to protect consumers’ money.”

tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 9pm.


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