Actress Ms Park in 30s controversy over caddy on golf course

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

It is controversial that actress Ms Park, who is in her 30s, cries over a caddy on a golf course in the metropolitan area.

The Asian economy said on the 23rd, “After actor Park rounded at a golf course in the Seoul metropolitan area in June, he called the golf course several times and asked him to refund the cost of the caddy. Opened at the Caddy’s Mall Award Ceremony; They sold using the same intense expression.”

Park also criticized that she would not go again by revealing the name of the golf course on his Instagram.

But Caddy’s claim was completely different. Caddy said that Park took a picture every course and had a conversation with the party, and the process was delayed. After completing the exercise, he insisted that he had to leave without saying a word of labor.

The caddy said, “All the reviews posted on the homepage and SNS are false.”

Actress Ms Park, in his early 30s, appeared in several films and faced various awards.

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