April Lee Na-eun, Suspicion of Perpetrator of Bullying→Affiliated Company “Groundless rumors·Legal Response” [Comprehensive]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

While group allegations of April Na-eun(Lee Na-eun) bullied  her schoolmates during school days, the agency announced that it was “groundless rumor” and announced a strong response.

On the 22nd, an online community posted an article by A(someone who’s anonymous) claiming to be an alumni of elementary school with Lee Na-eun. A insisted that three people, including Lee Na-eun and her other friend B, were close, but from one day onwards, the two had left themselves.

A said, “I once said that I was like a “disabled person” while pointing to me. “I want an apology. Whenever I see her face, I remember the past. It may be easy to say, but then I was hurt. I hope she never forget what she did.”

However, DSP Media, Na-eun’s agency, said A’s claim is not true. DSP Media said on the 23rd, through the official admission, “We have carefully checked through the community as well as the artists from the moment we recognized the posts published in the community, and concluded that it was true.”

In this regard, “In regard to this case, we have collected all the data since the time of posting, and decided to take a legal response by selecting a legal corporation today. After this time, we will strongly respond to the distribution of false facts to our artists and the act of distributing them. There is no agreement or any prejudice.”

April, where Na-eun belongs, is in the midst of a comeback warming up with the release of concept photos, etc., ahead of the release of the summer special single’Hello Summer’ on the 29th. As the better side predicts a strong response to the controversy ahead of the comeback, attention is paid to how the controversy will end.


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