Golf course actress A said, “I haven’t ever did gapjil to caddy. I want apology”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

In the midst of the controversy, reports of actress A in her 30s made an overwhelming clash to a golf course caddy in the metropolitan area, and A confessed his ill feelings by saying, “I’m the victim, not perpetrator.”

A said in a telephone interview with on the 23rd, “I know that I am being named as an actress who was cut in a golf course.” At the time, I was upset by the senseless behavior of a caddy, and asked him to apologize for his rudeness.” “Is this going to be a crust?”

According to Mr. A, the caddy who was helping the match said “It’s slow” in the face and yelled, “Why are you doing this, not that?”

A said, “It was where I paid my money. After that, I felt so bad that I played golf as if I was really chased, and I didn’t even meet Caddy’s eyes because I didn’t want to mix up.” Explained the situation at the time.

A said, “I was so unhappy and angry that I talked to people around me, but I advised them to post a post, so I uploaded it. “But I was sorry to say that I did not play properly to take a picture because I was suddenly watching me. “I didn’t take a picture while I was playing,” she said.

Earlier, the Asian economy said on the 23rd, “After actress A rounded at a golf course in the metropolitan area in June, she called the golf course several times and asked him to refund the cost of the caddy. ‘It was sold with a strong expression such as ‘Caddies are F**king senseless and rude'”.

The golf course caddy said that A took a picture of each course and had a conversation with the party, and the process was delayed. After completing the exercise, he insisted that he had to leave without saying a word of labor.

Meanwhile, Mr. A was in his early thirties, and appeared in several films and faced various awards. Currently, A’s SNS has been converted to private.

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