Han Mi-mo reveals the current situation after accusation of Byun Soo-mi, appeals for regret

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Once again, BJ Han Mi-mo revealed that she filed a lawsuit against Byun Soo-mi, the ex-wife of Lee Yong-dae, a former badminton player, for pimping her.

On the 23rd, Han Mi-mo started on her SNS Instagram, saying, “Isn’t there any misinterpretation of articles? I didn’t respond to any interviews until the end of this case. I exercised the right to remain silent on all questions. She posted a long text.

Han Mi-mo said, “I heard that the suspect (Byun Soo-mi) is acting on Instagram again, but I am a victim, and I have no courage to take a selfie or even put it on SNS.” I’ve been hiding, almost like I’ve been out of my house, like a sick person, and I’m afraid people will finger it, so I’m afraid it’s too scary and hard to endure, and I drank until I almost died almost every day except for a few days. I was sick because of my unhealthy spirit, so I left it to my mother and lived like a dead body for a month and then brought Elizabeth, my puppy, back.

Then she said, “I couldn’t complain really well even though I wanted, and my will to live was gradually disappearing. “But even before I died, Byun tried to make me being involved in prostitution, threatening to bury me in Korea, threatened my parents, threatened even others. “I’ve got to go to see what I’ve done, and I’ve got to go with it. I still live with that thought.”

Han Mi-mo said, “I don’t even have any money to file a lawsuit against her. Byun, however, mocked and looked down on me for having no money. I was frustrated by her character assassination, deciding to endure my emotional pain and mental illness. Many tabloids are circulating articles, saying ‘Han Mi-mo went to Manila to make some money’, but I repeat it as I wrote in the explanation video and comments, but please don’t demonize me as a prostitute who’s keen to sell sex for just a few bucks”.

Next, Han Mi-mo explained why she went to the Philippines. She argued that Byun asked her to visit Manila, by saying, “‘I can’t go to Korea right now. You come to Manila. Just take some rests in Manila. I will buy flight tickets for you.’ And, some spread groundless rumors about me. I haven’t ever asked Byun to introduce some people for prostitution.”

In addition, “I am a mother raising a child and I went to Manila for the purpose of serving. I didn’t go to the Philippines for any other purpose. Does such a person smoke in front of a child? So the child could not even receive education properly. Didn’t you know how to do it right?⠀I never asked her daughter what she ate or what she learned in kindergarten during the nearly ten days I was in Manila. “I lived with only one.”

Han Mi-mo said, “I emphasized, but since I lived for a lifetime, I hungered without money or bought a triangular gimbap because I didn’t get a boat, so I ate it in water and had a lot of bandits without a house. “I don’t want to live up to 10 million won, and I don’t intend to do that in the future.”

Lastly, Han Mi-mo said, “I don’t want to beg you to sympathize me. It’s not sad to swear. I just want to communicate with my classmates, broadcast begging, and live like I did before.” I don’t know what to do. Please help.”

On the afternoon of May 28, Han Mi-mo filed a complaint against Byun Soo-mi at the court in Seocho-gu, Seoul, on charges of prostitution and gambling. She insisted that the variable sex involved the coercive sex between herself and a man, the entertainment representative. Byun Soo-mi reportedly pimped, locking her in a gambling site, threatening Han into helping Byun earn money by gambling.

Byun Soo-mi dismissed Han Mi-mo’s claim as “a novel.” She explained, “I helped BJ Han Mi-mo, who was in trouble due to permanent suspension on African TV, to introduce a good person to help with the problem.”

She continued, “I introduced a good job, introduced a good person, and helped me in my childhood. I am making a ridiculous claim by completely complicating the facts.” I will do it.”

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office assigned the case that Han Mi-mo accused Byun Soo-mi of the Department of Criminal (Kim Ho-sam).

<Han Mi-mo’s posting on her social media>

Oh… I searched for the latest articles on Naver, so the article came out just two days ago. If only oboes keep on being articled.

I didn’t respond to any interviews until the case was closed.⠀

I am still hitting the arrow backwards because I remain silent on all questions.⠀

It’s really hard.

A month or two ago, I also tried to be the No. 1 Naver real-time search word for the first time in my life.⠀

For all the people, because the job is a racing model, bj, I have to trust and filter out the stars. I have become a flower snake, a mop, a whore.

Whenever Naver is refreshed, there are countless articles from almost every media that uploaded photos differently every 1-3 minutes.⠀

I heard that the suspect, who is acting again on Instagram, is pretending to be a victim, but I’m not really courageous to take a selfie or even think about putting it on sns…..Why did this happen?

I’m the accused, but I’m hiding like a man who has been guilty for a few days, and I’m almost out of the house like a sick person, and I’m afraid people will finger.

I was drinking until I died almost every day except for a few days because I was afraid that it would be too scary and hard to endure.

Even an innocent puppy is left unhealthy because I am sick, so I leave it to my mother and live like a dead body for a month or so.

I brought Elizabeth back. As my greed didn’t really appeal, I wasn’t able to appeal, and my will to live was gradually disappearing…⠀

But, the puppy never betray me unlike other people, so I think it would be better to with my puppy rather than being alone.

Nevertheless, I’ve got to see George as much as I did that year, who tried to sell me, who said she would bury me in Korea, threatened my parents, and even pained others.

I still live with that thought⠀

There is no cost to appoint an attorney for what you are suing, but what you are suing is the kind of garbage that mocked and laughed at with no money until the end.

After the first solo article went wrong

Bj Han Mi-mo and the article appear countless times, as I wrote in the explanation video and comments

I’ll tell you over and over, but don’t make me look like you’ve gone for money. Please don’t make me like that… I’m a party, a victim, a complainant. .⠀

Really… it’s really hard to get misleading articles….

Let me tell you about the situation I went to Manila.

She directed Manila to give other victims money, but

I took a completely different approach⠀

As a broadcaster for me, I was brought to Africa and I was severely depressed, and Byun said to me, “I can’t go to Korea right now. Come to Manila. I’ll buy flight tickets for you” and approached me to buy you something delicious⠀

This is true and the beginning of the case..⠀

There were many who thought that I was wrong with this word.

As my acquaintances seemed to believe in people normally, there was no doubt about my sister who was close to me. I really tried to play purely with all my namesakes.

I’ve been bullied every time my elementary, middle, and high school grades change in the past, and I’m a person who believes and follows my acquaintances who don’t recognize me a lot and can’t reject me.

In particular, since my sisters don’t speak well and believe and follow me well, he seems to have a different approach to knowing my personality.

And did you just introduce me because you asked me to introduce the person who was permanently suspended in African TV? This is also true and it’s a dog sound. I never said that.

But why did this happen suddenly?⠀

When I was in Korea after this incident, and when I was deciding whether to sue or not, my actions were suspicious, so I was delayed and fire-switched to pretend to be silent for me and the evidence has already been submitted. I will not mention it⠀

When I looked at Byun’s announcement, I saw that she was talking contradicting the case.

I’m a mother with a child and I went to Manila for the purpose of serving, not for the Philippines for any other purpose?⠀

Does such a person smoke in front of him? So, she doesn’t even receive education properly, so he doesn’t speak Korean or Filipino properly?⠀

I’ve never asked her daughter what she ate or what she learned in kindergarten for the last ten days in Manila.

I went to the Philippines for the purpose of volunteering, so I haven’t been home for a few days and are just playing games.

I just want to call my acquaintances and roll my body.. why?⠀

You have to sell someone to the representatives you know so you can make money,⠀

That way you can play games with that money….⠀

I don’t remember the exact amount, but because I have a memory of 300 million or 500 million in the past, I am full of the illusion that I can win a big sum with that one memory. I thought it would work, but I’m a fool too

It seems like I’m being absorbed by something, and I’m not tired all night, days and nights, I can’t communicate, and my judgment is blurred. Why?⠀

I don’t even eat energy drinks, but it’s amazing

Did you need 10 million won to go to Manila? Isn’t this a contradiction in the first place? If that’s true, what is wrong and accuses them of making a national fool? Is it just an expedition and illegal for me to leave the country for money?⠀

For reference, I have never lied on the air

If I had lived like that in the first place, I wouldn’t even start broadcasting, a well-known job, and I would have lived like that by drinking alcohol at a bar and criticizing a lot of money.

I’ll emphasize, but I’ve lived all my life, so if you don’t have money, you can starve or buy 10 triangular gimbap and buy a triangular gimbap.

I am a person who lives without me, and I do not want to live until I throw myself away at 10 million won, and I do not intend to do so in the future.

But he was known as a respectful and favorite sister who earned a lot of money from a young age and lives hard.

At that time, I also wanted to escape for a while, I saw my sister, I saw the sea, I boarded the plane, and I bought you a delicious meal.

I didn’t know anyone, and I missed my sister who contacted sns in 5 years.

If a person is difficult now, I think that someone who was close to me than those around me is thinking of it.⠀

So when I didn’t know that I approached to sell me, I missed her.

I have never told my story in any medium.

It’s not a personality to complain anywhere, so I’ll be more alone and endure………

There are also sensational elements in the broadcast, so just look at the external part and don’t believe me.⠀

In addition to the incident, the external bad guys… I know I can’t, I’m not a celebrity.

There are some people who can’t even say that it is the same scenario because you made an extreme choice if you do anything.

Will you believe if you’ve gotten suicide attempt authentication?

I have one body and one head, so I’m too busy to handle many different ills at once..⠀

I am a person who has a bad head and lives in a garbage house, is depressed and always laughs, and has lived a lot of things, and he has really stood at the crossroads of life and death.

I don’t want to live like that

I don’t understand even if I write about what I suffered, what additional victims have experienced.

I think it’s really overloading my brain now.

I don’t want you to look pretty. I’m not sad now.

I just want to communicate with my classmates like I used to be, broadcast begging, and live like I used to be…

I don’t know what to do please help me…


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