‘Homederella’ Jung Hyung-don “Going to Gyeongpodae in Gangneung and hunting… The result is a great failure”

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‘Homederella’ Jung Hyung-don released an episode of hunting with Kim In-seok and Jung Myeong-hoon on a trip to Gyeongpodae in Gangneung.

The ‘Homederella’ project broadcast on the 26th is a Gangneung urban regeneration project. MCs are leaving for Gangneung to remodel the abandoned office.

Jung Hyung-don remembered that Gangneung Gyeongpodae was his first destination, and Jung Hyung-don was a comedian in 2003 and had his first vacation in Kim In-seok, Jung Myung-hoon, and Gangneung Gyeongpodae. When Sung-joo Kim asked Hyung-don Jung about “What did you come to Gyeongpodae?”, Jung Hyung-don said “Hunting” and provoked laughter. He said, “I thought it was time to go well, so I thought hunting would be good, but I was sorry.”

Next, Kim Sung-joo also releases his episode of Gangneung Gyeongpodae. In 1994, he said he had his first long date with his wife. Kim Sung-joo went through a thorough operation for one night, but says that she was sorry that she had returned home at night because she had to go home.

After hearing this, Narsha said that Kim Sung-joo was innocent and said, “Did you believe that word soon? I should have caught the woman, but it’s still a long way away.”

Meanwhile, the client of the Gangneung project this week was the Gangneung Mayor. 4MC is wondering whether the Homederella scale has grown like this when the market has directly commissioned it. As part of the urban regeneration project, this project will be remodeling a former government office and now abandoned due to integration with other locations. 4MC strives for successful remodeling by struggling with various cases in Gangneung.

You can check the shape of the town office, which will be the best travel destination in Korea, and an example of the city regeneration project in Gangneung through SBS FiL and Lifetime on Sunday, 26th at 11:50 am.


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