‘I live alone’ Seonghoon X Gian 84X Son Dambi X Jang Do-yeon, helping peach farmers… Awkward airflow?

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Rainbow member Gian 84, Son Dambi, Jang Do-yeon and Seonghoon  are helping Peach Farmers.

On the 24th, MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’ (planned by Ahn Soo-young, director Hwang Ji-young, and Kim Ji-woo), Seonghoon, Gian 84, Son Dambi, and Jang Do-yeon help the peaches farmers.

Rainbow members travel early in the morning for farm work that begins at dawn. Seong-hoon and Son Dambi, who left together, show that even though they show off their chemistry as much as their siblings, laughter and conversation continue to create a friendly atmosphere. In particular, Seonghoon said, “I think we are like a good friend” about Son Dambi.

Meanwhile, Gian 84, who went out to pick up Jang Do-yeon, expressed his worries by saying, “It’s a big deal, what are you talking about?” Jang Do-yeon also sighs with the same heart. Following the awkward meeting, the two of them, who had only been in conversation, will say that “the conversation has been exhausted” in constant silence, and they will go on a more difficult driving due to Gan 84, which is twice lost due to lament and snow.

The two, who were struggling with awkwardness, gradually began to open their minds with breathtaking conversations between half-words and respectful words, and unexpected gifts presented by Gian 84. Gian 84 also told Jang Do-yeon, “Let’s be friends only when there are two,” and even makes an extraordinary suggestion, which raises expectations of whether two of the most ill-fated people will be able to take on their best friends.

You can check the drama and chemistry of the drama unfolding at the peach field in MBC ‘I Live Alone’, which will be aired at 11:10 pm on the 27th.


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