Lee Ha-yi “Why choose AOMG? Joyful Vibe+Park Jae-beom Trust” (Photo)

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Lee Ha-yi, who announced the exclusive contract with AOMG, greeted the pictorial.

Lee Ha-yi, who announced a new beginning, met with fashion magazine Elle.

Following the news of the contract with AOMG, which was released by surprise at 10 pm on the 22nd, Lee Ha-yi, who released the first single album ‘Holo’ on the 23rd, completed a sensual pictorial with a trendy style in a pictorial with ‘Elle’.

“I’ve heard a lot of good stories from Code Kunst and Gray in the meantime,” said Lee Ha-yi, who chose AOMG as a new home. “AOMG was the first company to reach out after the YG contract. I have long remembered the joyful vibes I had when I ate meals with representative Kim Soo-hyuk (DJ Pumkin) and Code Kunst. Said the reason for the contract.

Next, she said, “I think I can get enough understanding from the musical part,” and expressed expectations for the new agency.

Also, Lee said, “I plan to follow my choices while working hard on what I can do now. I don’t think I will regret it if I try to challenge it before it is too late.”

The unique voice, the pictorial interview with the charm of Lee Ha-yi, who creates his own genre, and the live clip and video interview of ‘Holo’ released by ‘#ELLE Stage’ are the ‘Elle’ August issue and the ‘Elle’ website , Elle Korea You can meet on YouTube channel.


Photo courtesy| Elle

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