‘Lee Hwi-jae’s wife’ Moon Jung-won seems to worry about the controversy over PPL, that of Han Hye-yeon and Kang Min-kyung…”Includes paid advertisement”

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Lee Hwi-jae’s wife, Florist Moon Jung-won, posted a picture that seemed to be aware of the PPL controversy of recent stars.

On the 22nd, Moon Jung-won emphasized “Including paid advertisement” on his Instagram, and wrote, “Daily makeup in summer. Come to visit garden TV!”

The actions of Moon Jung-won, who clearly listed paid advertisements, seem to be aware of the controversy over the PPL of singer Kang Min-kyung and stylist Han Hye-yeon.

In the photo posted along with the text, there was a portrait of Moon Jung-won smiling with an advertisement product in her hand.

In 2010, Moon Jung-won married Lee Hwi-jae, the broadcaster of 2010, and has twin sons Seo-eon and Seo-joon.

Kang Min-kyung and Han Hye-yeon, who did not explicitly list paid advertisements, have recently been controversial in the PPL.

Kang Min-kyung was known to have briefly exposed bags and sneakers on YouTube channel and received tens of millions of won. Han Hye-yeon also exposed cosmetics for about a minute and received tens of millions of won in return. The disappointment of the netizens was even greater because both of them did not announce the advertisement and also mentioned that they bought and paid for it.

As the controversy grew, both of them expressed their apology, but the public’s gaze toward celebrities or influencers who run private broadcast channels became cooler than ever.


Photo| Moon Jung-won SNS

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